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Kitemark - Vehicle Body Repair

Special Offers +

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal now covering Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and the central belt.

For more information contact Matt on: 07811022731.

Home Radiator Spray Painting

Attention All Women - High Quality Home Radiator Spray Painting - Very Good Prices from £15 each.

Complete Air Conditioning Service

Elder & Paton Air Conditioning Scotland offers the most extensive Air Conditioning service available in Scotland which unlinke many similar services includes:

Temperature test checks
Full visual Air Conditioning inspection
Recovery of refrigerant
Evacuation of air and moisture from the system
Leak test on air unit
Recharging to recommended levels, adding fresh system oil as necessary
Air-conditioning cleaner to clear bacterial build up and remove and unpleasant smells

Rally & Stock Car Chassis Repairs

We realise how important it is to get your race car back on the track and we will fit your car in right away to get the chassis straightened.

Yearly Service Car And Vans

Offer Price: £200 INC VAT

Our yearly service is a comprehensive check of your vehicle and includes all the items listed below:

Engine Oil
Oil Filter
Sump Washer
Screen Wash Fluid

Distributor Cap
Air Fliter
Exhaust Gas
Recirculation System
Alternator Belt
Drive Belt
Condition of Exhaust System
Tyre Pressures
Front Brake Pads/Discs
Rear Brake
Front Brake Callipers
Rear Brake Callipers/Cylinders
Condition of Brake Pipes
Handbrake Cables/Operation & Adjustment
Steering Ball Joint & Track Rod Ends
Operation of Clutch/Automatic Gear Change
Suspension Mounts/Shock Absorbers
Wheel Bearings
Driveshaft's & Gaiters
Engine Emiisions
Wiper Blades
Operation of Washers
Operation of Lights
Operation of Instruments
Operation of Cooling Fan
Operation of Door Locks

Check Levels & Report:
Brake Fluids
Power Steering Fluid
Lubricate Locks/Hinges

Interim Service Cars And Vans

Offer Price: £150 INC VAT

Our Interim Service is a check of your vehicle including all the items listed below:

Engine Oil
Oil Filter
Sump Washer
Screen Wash

Tyre pressure & Condition
Handbrake cables/operation
Operation/Condition of Windscreen Wipers
Operation of Lights & Instruments
Operation of clutch/automatic gear change
Alternator drive belts
Condition of exhaust system

Check Levels & Report:
Brake Fluids
Power Steering Fluid

Scratch Repairs

Scratch repairs from £20

All vehicles booked in for repairs get a Free Valet - TEL PERTH 01738 441999

4 Wheel Alignment


Four Wheel Alignment and Steering alignment can be disturbed by pot-holes and Kerbs causing bad tyre wear and if hit hard to even cause mechanical damage.

We have the latest machine in house so we can carry out these checks accuratly.

Free Air-con check

Air Conditioning Free Check At Elder and Paton Phone Perth 01738 441999 (while you wait)

Service & Free Valet

Don't Pay Main Dealer Prices - Car Service at Elder and Paton Only £50 with Free Valet TEL PERTH 01738 441999. To Book Your Car In Just Phone 01738 441999 and ask for Mark or Lisa