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Motorcycle Spraying

Motorcycle Spraying

"...If classic motorcycles are your passion, you only want the best. At Elder & Paton Painting, we treat each bike as if it were our own. When it comes to your late model or classic motorcycle, our goal is to provide you with quality refinished products that meet or exceed the manufacturer's standards in durability, color match, adhesion and appearance..."

Elder & Paton Motorcycle Painting is a family based firm situated in Scotland. All designs & colours have been matched from Genuine Factory parts and are correct to the best of our knowledge.

We can cope with any size of paint job, from one small panel to complex machines. Our services include all types of paint finishes from solid colours to metallics, candy-apple & custom in full gloss, satin or matt finishes, bead or grit blasting, powder-coating and metal polishes. A full repair service, i.e.; dent removal, welding broken brackets in place, (metals and plastics) silver soldering or spot welding, thread renovation, replacing petrol cap inserts and broken stud removal. We can also perform pressure testing and fuel tank sealing.

All components, where possible, are completely stripped to bare surfaces and refurbished in a Water based enviromentaly friendly paint scheme throughout. Decals and lines are sealed with a petrol-proof lacquer. We only use manufacture's paint onto bare surfaces; we will not just paint over old paint.

We can cope with any type or model of machine, from the earliest known bikes to modern-day race replicas.

Unlike those who custom build and paint bikes, we have devoted our business and our pleasure to the late model and classic cycle connoisseur. Whether your ride is a Harley or a Norton, we will treat it with as much care and reverence as you do.

At Elder & Paton motorcycle paint we enjoy offering fellow bikers / motorcyclists a friendly quality service in motorcycle painting and refinishing. This may be to return your machine to the original paint and standard form but looking tip top, or perhaps a colour change or a custom paint job might just fit the bill.

We can offer most motorcycle paint colours, including Metallic, Kandys and Pearls, as well as many car paint colours for that custom/personal paint job. Custom lettering can be cut (external supplier) for either stencil work on to your panels or in sticker form.

We can also under take the repair of damaged motorcycle panels. The cost of replacement motorcycle panels can be a major headache in a repaint and rebuild, some times the panels are just not available any more, We may be able to rebuild them for you.

Fiberglass Repairs of Factory Parts

We can repair fiberglass bodywork parts. We grind out splintered or cracked areas to about half it's original thickness. We then apply top quality epoxy resin and tight woven cloth to the damaged area to bring it back to the original thickness. After the repair has cured, we do this same process to the backside of the damage area. By doing the front and back of the area and by grinding down halfway through the part each time, we get rid of all the cracks of soft spots caused by the crash.

We have seen on several occasions fiberglass repairs that were done on the surface only and this type of repair leaves the center of the part cracked under the surface repair. The result is a failed repair a short time down the road.

We don't want to see you back at our shop for warranty work so we do it right one and once is all it takes.

Race Glass Bodywork Repairs

We occasionally repair damaged race fiberglass. If the bodywork has moderate-heavy damage we recommend replacing it with new parts. You can do structural only repairs to that set yourself and keep it for a back-up set. The problem with doing a full repair on badly damaged parts is that it takes many hours to get it into a good shape to paint. If the parts are not near perfect, the paint job will look bad and we are interesed in having our paint jobs look very good. The price to fix heavily damaged parts will be more than half the cost of new and it will always have signs of the crash such as spider web or hairline cracks around mounting holes

Fuel Tank Repair

We repair damaged fuel tanks to look perfect again. We start the repair by using a special stud gun that welds draw pins to the dent area and use a slide hammer to pull the dent. This allows us to draw the dent out without drilling or filling the dent with putty.

Then we finish out the area with a thin coat of surface glaze, block sanding, and then add a coat of hi-quality primer.

After drying, the tank is ready for a final wet sand and then base color/clear coat. A final buffing of the cured clear gives a perfect finish.

Plastic Welding and Repair

We can repair expensive plastic body parts that have cracks, scratches, or road rash. If the parts are cracked or ground down we use a good quality plastic welder and plastic welding rods, The plastic welder. The tool blows about 3 to 4 psi of air heated to the melting point of the plastic. The plastic rod is fed into the prepped and cleaned damaged area of the bodywork. The welder is used to melt the rod to the damaged part and the plastic fuses together for a super strong repair. This process is very similar top metal welding with metal rods, just using different materials.

The repaired bodywork is primed, wet sanded and base color/clear coated. If the parts require decals we place them either under the clear or sometimes on top of the clear; however the part came from the factory we duplicate that down to every detail.

Quality Guarantee

For both tank and plastic repairs you get a 100% guarantee that your parts will be perfect. There will be no signs of the damage.

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